The project ePYRROS aims at the development of an integrated network for monitoring hydro-environmental parameters in the Louros-Arachthos-Amvrakikos system for:

  • The optimal management of water resources
  • The monitoring of agricultural substances in all hydrological zones
    (surface, saturated and unsaturated)
  • The improvement of local agricultural ecosystems
  • The upgrading of the quality of agricultural production

By focusing on the above objects, the ePYRROS project aims at contributing to the strengthening of the economic and social prosperity of the local population and the increase of the competitiveness of the local agricultural production, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of the agricultural activities on the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

One of the program’s primary goals is to document existing and emerging technologies that contribute to the efficient use of water and agrochemicals in the field. Furthermore, agronomic practices in local agricultural ecosystems will be documented by collecting, assessing, mapping, and categorizing existing agricultural activities.

The workflow of the research program e-Pyrros is divided into two stages: (a) design, development and test of novel monitoring systems (custom made sensors within the experimental field in conjuction with commercial monitoring systems for hydro-envirnmental parameters) and (b) the creation of web-based support sytems integrating the data produced by monitoring systems.

The implementation of the numerous monitoring and simulating technologies spans a varriety of scales, starting with the sensors measuring at different locations within the research area, to the largest extent, the hydrological and hydrogeological watershed scale (remote sensing), and a combination of the former to generate ICT tools in order to administer water and agrochemicals within the research area as efficiently as possible.